Be inspired on a daily basis, the dictionary defines inspiration as: “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something (esp creative)”. Inspiration can be challenging to understand and describe because what inspires one person may not have any relevance for another.

Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. Inspiration may sometimes be overlooked because of its elusive nature.

Inspiration can come from the strangest places and when you least expect it. Sometimes inspiration may not ever come, even when you’re looking for it. You can be inspired by the smallest acts. You may not be inspired by the grandest act. We can’t really control the things that inspire us. What we can control is how much we want to do with that inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but I for one is pretty easily inspired. Maybe I’m thinking of inspiration too lightly, but sometimes I don’t even realize that I’ve been inspired by something or someone until I looked back on it. I’m sure this has happened to all of us, but haven’t you been spending so much time with someone that you tend to pick up on some of their traits? It could be from their speech pattern or their catchphrases to their sense of humor or taste in music. The point is, some of the little things that we pick up from others, we take along with us for a huge part of our life, with or without them. It’s these little sprouts from the seed of inspiration that slowly make up our entirety. Of course, it is more like the core of us is the tree trunk and they are the smaller branches growing out from us but we wouldn’t be a full tree without those branches.

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