The quality or art of being truthful, sincere, or frank. Honesty fosters a connection. Honesty can bring us closer by creating a safe connection. It forms a context for the relationship within which both parties feel secure enough to be genuine in their interactions. Such a relationship can invite and empower each party to work through some highly personal issues.

Our teachers, parents and grand parents were right when they taught us during our childhood years that, “Honesty is the best policy.” This thought was fixed in our subconscious mind during early childhood years as every parents want good habits in their ward. But now after growing up when we practically look into this world and try to find the truth, we see that in this world majority of people seem to be practicing dishonesty and half truth. It seems people, at large, have converted this world to a market place and practicing honesty has become a real challenge. Lying for petty small things has become a normal practice.

Strengthen your urge to remain truthful: 

Every human being has inbuilt urge to practice honesty and remain truthful. And one needs to strengthen this urge.  A strong desire to live in an honest world helps strengthening the urge to stay honest. Being honest doesn’t mean you have to confront the whole world. Start with honesty. Identify your true concerns. Practicing honesty requires self discipline. In the beginning it may seem difficult for you to continue to remain truthful. It is mainly because of your regular habit of speaking lies. You have false assumptions embedded in your mind that lies make life simpler. But such assumptions do not hold good.

Practicing dishonesty in your life leads you to strained relationships with others and your personal self esteem is also at stake. On the contrary if you are known as an honest person, people believe you, honor and respect you. Once you stop lying you will observe lot of changes in your life. People will be much happier with you when you are practicing honesty.

Changing habits needs lots of efforts and takes time. In such cases where people acquire positive habits, it is highly rewarding for them. Stay honest with yourself and be honest with everyone else. Be honest in your dreams. By practicing honesty you are being honest to your true self.

Practicing honesty seems difficult and daunting task in the beginning for those who have a habit of speaking lies but with continuous practice it would be an easy task. You will feel yourself filled with positive and divine energy.

Benefits of practicing honesty:

Honesty is one of the most important and beneficial habits a person can acquire. It is because of this habit you reap several benefits in life. Here is given some important benefits of practicing honesty.

1.Honesty brings good health and happiness: While practicing honesty in life, you are free from worries of being caught of the act of your dishonesty. Thus you will be free from anxiety and stress. A stressful life leads to several diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue and weak immune system. This may also result in several other related diseases that can make life miserable. Thus to keep away from such diseases and remain happy, one must switch to honest life style.

2.Honesty helps establishing peace of mind:Dishonest people live in fear. They loss their mental peace and internally they are not satisfied with prevailing conditions in their life and their callousness. Practicing honesty removes fear of all kind and it helps maintaining calmness and establishes peace of mind. With stable and peaceful mind, you take better decisions and improve quality of your life.

3.Society loves and respects those they are honest:If you are not an honest person, believe me no one would like to have business, personal and working relationships with you. Even they will not be friendly with you. Liars are unable to lead a good life. People always love true you. They develop close relationships and greater intimacy with honest persons. They trust you, believe you, respect you and honor you. With honesty, you get better quality of people coming in your life, e.g. those they are trustworthy and honest. Quality of your life is improved by practicing honesty.

4.Honesty helps promoting goodwill around you:Surroundings around honest people always pleasant and fully charged with positive energy. They promote positivism around them. People love them and imitate them. They are goodwill ambassadors of this world. Your habit of honesty will help you promoting goodwill around you.

5.With honesty you help making this world a better place:With your habit of practicing honesty a strong interpersonal relationship is built with honest and positive people. Your level of happiness is also increased and you lead a peaceful life free from negativities. Your physical and mental health is also improved. You become an icon for the people who are in contact with you. An aura of positivism surrounds you. People are attracted towards you and you can influence them to practice honesty in life and reap its benefits. Thus you help making this world a better place to live.

Honesty of Mahatma Gandhi helped India getting freedom from two hundred years of British rule. He also conveyed a message that honesty and non violence can improve conditions of this world.

With honesty you move closure to your divine purpose of life:

An honest person’s life is transparent. He has nothing to hide from this world. Honesty helps him awaken his latent powers and intuition. With evolved intuition, he learns several hidden secrets of this universe. Every person is born with a divine purpose of his life. Some people are able to know their purpose while most others remain ignorant throughout their lives due to their involvement in worldly pleasures. You can unleash your divine purpose by practicing honesty in life and fulfill that divine purpose.

Ancient Hindu religious scriptures tell us that everyone must fulfill divine purpose of their life else they will have to come back on this earth by taking rebirth again and again.  Once your divine purpose is fulfilled, you will achieve salvation and live in eternal peace and a blissful life.

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