Personal Growth is the process by which a person recognizes themselves and continually develops his / her self to reach their full potential. Personal development is very important. It helps to find out opportunity to create a better life mentally, physically and spiritually. There are few reasons why personal development is important. First reason is personal development helps you to focus on important things of your life, and second it initiates action to becoming our best selves.

You can enhance your personal development skills by taking classes, learning from the people around you, gaining new talents and improving upon existing ones. Follow these guidelines to develop yourself personally:

  1. Overcome our fears. Fear can prevent us from growing and progressing. If we are afraid of public speaking, for instance, take a class or join a group that helps people become better public speakers. If we are afraid of taking risks, find a mentors who can help us make good decisions and build our confidence. Grow and learn by trying things we might not be comfortable doing. If we are shy, try starting a conversation or introducing ourselves to new people at a reception or workshop.
  2. Read. Reading can expand our knowledge and vocabulary and keep us informed. It can also stimulate our mind and can improve our critical thinking. Try setting a goal to read at least one educational or motivational article a day, or one book a month.
  3. Learn something new. Learn a new skill or topic, whether we do it yourself or sign up for a class. We might, for instance, take courses to learn another language, a new software program or how to write creatively. Consider watching a webinar on professional development topics such as entrepreneurship or social media marketing.
  4. Ask for feedback. Approach a family member, friend, colleague or manager, and ask them to give you feedback on a recent project or accomplishment. Use their positive comments as well as their constructive criticism to find ways to improve. Sometimes you need an outside, unbiased opinion to get a different perspective.
  5. Observe others. Watch and learn from the people who inspire us. This could be someone we know, such as a supervisor, family member or public figure. Identify the qualities we admire in them, and try to replicate those in ourselves.
  6. Network. By interacting with many types of people, We can learn new ideas and understand how to communicate and work with different personality types. We can also meet people and develop relationships that might help us in the future. Network through industry organizations and shared interest groups, or attend conferences and events on topics that interests us.
  7. Keep a journal , Writing a journal every day or week can help us gain self-awareness and reflect on recent events, decisions and conversations. You might keep a hand-written, private journal, or you might choose to share your thoughts and experiences by blogging. Use it to set and assess goals and progress.
  8. Meditate. Many people meditate to gain clarity and awareness and to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation can help us focus on our self-development and goals in a healthy, positive and calm way. Even scheduling a break from work or quiet time to our self can help you relax and focus.
  9. Get a mentor. If you need help identifying ways to build your self-development skills, talk to a mentor. This individual could be a manager, professor, someone you admire or a professional personal growth mentor

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