We are all encouraged to save. Save at least one tenth of our income and within twenty {20} years we will become a millionaire, but lets look at this realistically. When we save our money in the banks, the banks profit more than us, as the lend our monies to borrowers and make large interest off it. While for us there is no significant growth to our money.

Inflation goes up every day and if we should be honest with ourselves the value of the dollar keeps going down, lets try to remember 20 years ago the value of one million dollar and how many things it could buy, one million dollars 20 years ago was a significantly large amount of money. Now lets ask ourselves what will be the value of one million dollars twenty years from now, how many things will it be able to buy, not very much.

Instead of working and saving all our lives to retire on a fixed income, lets think of ways to invest and make that saving grow and multiply wile working for us. Invest in a viable means that will multiply and stat working for us.

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