According to the dictionary I will give two definition of family [1] a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit, [2] all the descendants of a common ancestor.

Parents are the first and most important teachers in every child’s life. The importance of family starts at birth and stays constant throughout life. As children grow into their teens and early adulthood, families can be a bedrock of support during times of change.

Health Benefits

Children enjoy a healthy lifestyle when they live in a healthy family. They have healthy meals, are encouraged to get up and move, enjoy time outdoors, and get prompt medical attention when needed. Health benefits exist for parents, too. Research  has shown that people who live with children in their family tend to live longer, even after the children have grown up and moved away. This may be because parents tend to eat healthier food, quit smoking, reduce their drinking, quit using drugs, and may even stay more active compared to their childless peers.

Provides Support When One of Them Is Ill

Facing medical problems alone can be a nightmare. Family potentially helps solve all these problems and can make sure that food, water, rest, and medical care is provided. Society may not have to do anything to take care of a person’s basic needs because a family already has that covered.

The Community Benefits

The community benefits when the family relieves it of the burden of supporting members of that family. Healthy families produce people who make positive contributions to the community too. Parents tend to get involved with their community more often than people living alone. What’s more, they teach their children at a young age that the only way they can control what kind of community they have is to contribute to it. When parents contribute to their community by donating money or needed supplies, they model an attitude of caring. They show their children that providing money, food, or supplies to the community helps support it so it can serve everyone better. Parents contribute to society by working to ensure that their family gets the best possible educational opportunities. They may donate funds, or they may use their social network to help a college-age student find a job. Their emotional and practical help might be even more important than financial support.

Crime is a part of human civilization – at least it has been in most parts of the world most of the time. Families can’t eliminate crime, but they can help prevent it and lessen its impact.

The Importance of Family in Educating Children

One of the most important ways parents contribute to society is by educating their children. The learning doesn’t go just one way, either. In a healthy family, learning has a high priority, perhaps just after meeting basic needs. Talking around the dinner table, family members often share their political views. They may discuss the issues in an upcoming election or the qualifications of a candidate. This inspires everyone to find out more about the people and ideas involved so they can make an informed decision when it’s their turn to vote.

Parents begin teaching their children as soon as they’re born. They may help them learn to walk and teach them new words as they develop their vocabulary. They potty-train them, teach them manners, and take advantage of learning opportunities in everyday life. Best of all, they pass on a love of learning that will serve the child well throughout their life. Most parents are equipped in different ways when it comes to helping their children learn after they go to school. They can encourage scholarship and ethical behavior, as well.

When becoming a parent, solving all children’s disagreements can be a massive chore. One of the ways parents cope is to teach their children how to resolve their conflicts on their own. Parents teach their children right from wrong and encourage them to follow the laws of the land unless disobeying a specific law will benefit society. Families often work together to get household chores done. Every task they do together teaches them more about what it’s like to work as a team to accomplish group goals.

All Families May Struggle Sometimes

Even though families have many benefits, they can sometimes be challenging. You may need a little support to get through your days, which is entirely understandable. For instance, if you are not happy with your significant other, it may lead to depression and divorce. It is better to be honest about your views on your family before settling down with someone. This limits these things from happening.

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