We are vibrational beings living in a world based on vibration. The Universe absolutely gives us what we “ask” for … not necessarily the things we request verbally, nonetheless we unfailingly get whatever it is that our vibrational frequency “requests”. The Universe picks up on our vibrational frequency and attracts to us that which reflects that same vibration. Every one’s life experience is determined by their vibrational frequency. Our emotional body is designed to “transmit” these vibrations out, where they are picked up and reflected back to us in concrete reality.

This means that when we have unresolved issues revolving around childhood sexual abuse, for instance, our emotional bodies will emit a vibration that will actually attract more of the same sort of abuse. The sexual abuse is part of our vibration. The Universe picks up on these frequencies and manifests for us, as a way to make it visible, that frequency in form.

The Universe does this for us, not to us. That’s why I frame it in terms of the Universe giving us what we want. It is as a service to us, that the Universe is designed to function in this way! What better way to bring it to our awareness for intervention and healing if not through a process of making it visible to us? And what else could possibly motivate us to make the effort to transform it if not the misery that comes from encountering these frequencies in our daily life?

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